Holistic Therapies

Energy Rebalancing (Reiki)

Sound and/or Crystal Therapy

Meditation Sessions

Reconnect with your inner sense of calm, by stopping your busy mind and releasing tension... These 30 minute sessions are perfect for rebalancing your mind, body and soul. You could combine these 3 minute sessions, or book with another therapy like Reflexology, to create a 1 hour session that is tailored to your needs. 

Reiki Treatment

Energy Rebalancing (P)

This fully clothed session is an ancient  therapy, often known as Reiki, that balances your energy, brings a sense of deep inner calm and a soul felt connection, whilst encouraging the body to self heal.


Working with the 60 billion energy creating cells in your body and your energy centres (Chakras) to rebalance your body and soul.

Crystals and singing bowl sound therapy can also be included in this session. Crystals were created in the earth millions of years ago. They vibrate an energy that is recognised by science.  Crystals have energetic properties that have been used to power some quartz watches historically: 




Cannot be done if you have a pace maker.

Tibetan singing bowl.jpg

Sound Bath Therapy (P)

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for over 4000 years in non Western medicine. The tones produced by the bowls are deeply relaxing, clearing the mind into a near meditation state.

Up to 75% of the human body is made up of water and it provides the perfect medium for sound waves to stimulate relaxation. The gentle vibrations of sound work with the body's energy to reduce emotional and physical tensions. Leaving you refreshed, refocused and rebalanced. 

Why not add a crystal Reflexology or holistic head massage session to  your session?

Laying on Grass

Meditation Session (P)

This is 30 minutes of bliss... relaxing your body and resting your mind. Using meditation as a tool to support your relaxation either as a complete session, or combined with another therapy.


All you have to do is lie down whilst I take you on a journey that reconnects you with your breath, your body and the calmness within.


There are variation mediation styles: Maybe you want to breathe more deeply to cleanse stress, whilst focusing your mind away from the day to day... calming your mind, body and soul? Or perhaps you enjoy visualisation, wanting to be whisked way to a far reaching place of beauty, with your senses being soothed by the world around you?


You will learn powerful tools from this meditation that can be used at home to manage stress and improve sleep. Floating you away and allowing the tension leave your body.