New for June 2022:
Holistic & Rejuvenation Facial

Young african american woman getting head massage from massage therapist at spa, side view

Face Reflexology & Rejuvenation Massage


This 1 hour Facial Reflexology and massage is a deeply effective therapy. Reflexology is normally done through the feet, but reflex acupressure points also run throughout the body and face.


Face Reflexology uses a combination of light touch, stimulating and effective massage techniques which are highly relaxing and rebalancing... leaving you feeling a great sense of improved well-being. Whilst also stimulates skin circulation, removing toxins, leaving your skin toned and radiant. 


Skincare Facial
30 or 60 minutes

Choose either a 30 minute Skincare Facial or a 1 hour Skincare Facial WITH added face massage. 


This Skincare Facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, toning and a purifying mask. All using products sourced for their high quality, natural and kind ingredients. 

The massage techniques used in the 1 hour session promote skin rejuvenation and tone. Ending with a crystal roller, which stimulates circulation in the skin, leaving your skin looking bright and refreshed... and you highly relaxed.