Head and Face Therapies

Face Reflexology & Firming Massage

Holistic Head Massage

Firming Facial & Massage. Optional Gua Sha

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Face Reflexology &
Firming Massage


This 1 hour Facial Reflexology and massage is a deeply effective therapy. Reflexology is normally done through the feet, but reflex acupressure points also run throughout the body and face.


Face Reflexology uses a combination of light touch, stimulating and effective massage techniques which are highly relaxing and rebalancing... leaving you feeling a great sense of improved well-being. Whilst also stimulates skin circulation, removing toxins, leaving your skin toned and radiant. 

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Holistic Head Massage 



The perfect combination of massages to relax and rebalance your mind, body and soul.


This holistic massage focuses on your face, head, neck, upper shoulders, arms and hands. Applying oils to moisture your skin and using techniques that promote skin renewal and circulation.


Accompanied by a combination of experienced massage pressures that sooth in some areas and reduce tension in muscles where needed too. Headache and sinus techniques can be used on request. 

The perfect way to reduce stress, and relieve tension... leaving you highly relaxed and rebalanced.


Firming Facial, Massage and optional Gua Sha

The 1 hour session includes a full skincare facial, face rejuvenation massage and the option of adding a mini Gua Sha facial. 


This Facial will include cleansing, exfoliation, toning and a purifying mask. All using products sourced for their high quality, natural and kind ingredients. 

The massage techniques used in the 1 hour session promote skin rejuvenation, firming and tone. A great refresh for tired or mature skin.


Gua Sha is optional. It is an ancient Chinese application using a Gua Sha tool. It stimulate the skin and helps the removal of toxins - revitalising dull or mature skin.  You skin may be a little pink after a Gua Sha session so bear that in mind. Alternatively a crystal roller A more gentle crystal roller may also be use to stimulates circulation in the skin, leaving your skin looking bright and refreshed. 

Reconnect with your inner sense of calm, by stopping your busy mind and releasing tension... These 30 minute sessions are perfect for rebalancing your mind, body and soul. You could combine these 3 minute sessions, or book with another therapy like Reflexology, to create a 1 hour session that is tailored to your needs.