Holistic Head Massage (P)

Bodywork 30 minutes (P)

Ear Candle Therapy with Massage

You can tailor your session by combining any two 30 minute therapies to create the perfect 1 hour session. 

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Holistic Head Massage

The perfect combination of massages to relax and rebalance your mind, body and soul.


This holistic massage focuses on your face, head, neck, upper shoulders, arms and hands. Applying oils to moisture your skin and using techniques that promote skin renewal and circulation.


Accompanied by a combination of experienced massage pressures that sooth in some areas and reduce tension in muscles where needed too. Headache and sinus techniques can be used on request. 

The perfect way to reduce stress, and relieve tension... leaving you highly relaxed and rebalanced.

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Bodywork: 30 minutes

I am fully qualified in a variation of remedial massages. However I no longer offer full body Swedish or deep massages. 


I do offer a 30 minute bodywork session that combines a variation of techniques (listed below). This could be combined with another therapy, such as Reflexology, to create a 1 hour session.  

Bodywork techniques used:

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Gliding cup Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Headache and Sinus Massage

  • Muscle Energy stretching 

  • Lymphatic Massage (not medical)


Note: Cups cannot be used over sore or broken skin, recent scars, if you take blood thinners, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, varicose veins, bulging discs, hernias or raised moles .rosacea. Always check with your GP before booking, particularly if you have unusual symptoms, ongoing head pain or skeletal discomfort. 

Relaxed brunette getting an ear candling

Ear Candles Therapy

Ear Candles is a therma-auricular therapy using specialist candles safely, and has been used historically in different cultures. It is relaxing and non-invasive and can help reduce symptoms of the ear, nose or throat - ridding ear impurities. 

The candles are hollow and are made from organic cotton and other natural ingredients such as herbs and beeswax. One end is lit safely and monitored as a gentle vacuum is generated in the canal that helps soften wax and other toxins


The session finishes with a 30 minute treatment of your choice from either Holistic Head massage, Headache and Sinus Massage or you maybe Reflexology?


  • Helps the elimination of ear wax

  • Can reduce tinnitus

  • Could improve hearing (undamaged ear)

  • Extremely relaxing experience

  • Support Sinus health

  • May help vertigo