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Holistic and Remedial Massage

Pregnancy Therapies

Energy and Sound Therapies

Ear Candles (can include sinus and neck massage)

You can tailor your session by combinating of any 30 minute therapy to make up a 30 or 60 session.  

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What is Reflexology... Click link below


Reflexology is a deeply effective therapy using foot massage along with specific acupressure techniques. It will leave you deeply relaxed and improve your general health and well-being. 


Case studies show benefits include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Boosts your wellbeing

  • Increased energy and mental clarity

  • Helping Menopause symptoms
  • Reduced tension and pain
  • Improved health conditions

  • Help ease discomfort

Pregnancy Reflexology

This foot based therapy is the most beneficial from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and will leave you deeply relaxed.  You could combine with pregnancy bodywork massage for a full session of relaxation. 


Case studies show that Reflexology can support you through your pregnancy by improving symptoms, preparing your body for labour and ensuring you are totally relaxed

Relaxed brunette getting an ear candling

Ear Candle Therapy

This deeply relaxing session combines the benefits of ear candles with a face and head massage. Sinus release and headache techniques can also be used. It is very safe and I am fully qualified.


Ear candles were used by ancient Greeks and Native Americans. These hollow candles are made of organic cotton, natural wax and traditional herbs. Benefits can include reducing and softened ear wax, sinus pressure release, equalised ear pressure, reduced stress/anxiety, clearer thinking, improved smell, improved snoring, reducing tinnitus, decreasing pressure headaches. Leaving you deeply relaxed 


£5 extra for this therapy. Do check with your GP if you are unsure about booking this therapy.

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30 minute Massages

Why not combine two 30 minute therapies, including Reflexology, to create a tailored 60 minute session. Swedish back or full body is not available, but the below bodywork is. 


Holistic Massage 

Massaging the full neck, shoulders, arms and head using 4000 year old massage along with modern massage techniques. 


Reducing tension, refreshing energy, creating balance and leaving you highly relaxed,,, mind, body and soul. 

Headache and Sinus Pressure Massage

Qualified and experienced massaging of the neck, shoulders, upper back, jaw, sinus and head to relieve headaches caused specifically by tensions or sinus pressure. Please do not book if you have a cold or virus. 

Always contact your GP to check cause of headache and for ongoing or unusual headache symptoms

Remedial Bodywork

Using a full combination of experienced and qualified techniques to reduce tension. The aim is to reduce tension and restriction in the body. It is not a full body or back massage, it is a tailored bodywork session that may include myofascial release, dynamic stretches, lymphatic massage, gliding cup massage and trigger point. I am qualified in pregnancy techniques. 


It is similar to the techniques you may experience at a physio session, not a swedish massage. 

Note: Cups cannot be used over sore or broken skin, recent scars, if you take blood thinners, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, varicose veins, bulging discs, hernias or raised moles .rosacea. Always check with your GP before booking, particularly if you have unusual symptoms, ongoing head pain or skeletal discomfort. 

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Holistic Therapies

Perfect for rebalancing your mind, body and soul. Why not combine two 30 minutes therapies, including head massage or Reflexology, to create a 60 minute session?  

What is Reiki Energy Re-Balancing..?

Click Below to find out

This fully clothed session is an ancient  therapy that balances your energy, brings a sense of deep inner calm and inner connection, whilst encouraging the body to self heal. Working with the 60 billion energy creating cells in your body and your energy centres (Chakras) to rebalance your body and soul.


Cannot be done if you have a pace maker.


Sound Bath Therapy


Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for over 4000 years in non Western medicine. The tones produced by the bowls are deeply relaxing, clearing the mind into a near meditation state.


The human body is made up of up to 75% water and provides the perfect medium for sound waves to stimulate relaxation. The gentle vibrations work the body tissues to relax muscles tensions and emotional tightness.


Crystal Therapy

Crystals were created in the earth millions of years ago. They vibrate an energy that is recognised by science.  Crystals have energetic properties that have been used to power some quartz watches historically:

The result is a inner rebalancing and deeply calming session. They can help the flow of energy in the body and support inner balance. Crystal Reflexology is also available. During this session specific crystals are used on the feet. 

Private Meditation Session

I am qualified to use meditation as a tool to support you relaxation in session. In this 30 minute easy to follow meditation session you will relax your body and mind.... become aware of your breath and find it easier to clear your mind. You will learn powerful tools that  can be used at home to manage stress and improve sleep. Float away and feel the tension leave your body.