Head to Toe Harmony

Relax, Heal and Re-balance

Holistic Bodywork

Had the most amazing massage by Sanchia not so long ago for my birthday. My word, after telling her I have tightness in the muscles around my jaw, she really focused on those and also the muscles in my shoulder and neck - it made me feel so much better! Couldn’t recommend anyone else!

Kellie, Watford

Holistic Head, Neck & Face Message
30 mins to 1 hour

This session combines 4000 year old Indian head and neck massage techniques, with precise face massage techniques that stimulate skin circulation and also gently working the face reflexology pressures points to rebalance and calm the whole body. This deeping connecting session will leave you with a strong sense of inner calm, peacefulness, rebalance, self healing and overall wellbeing. Whilst also leaving your face skin boosted, detoxified and renewed. 

Note:  The traditional use of oil on the hair and scalp can also be requested.

Massage and Reiki Fusion
1 hour

This is the perfect blend of 30 minutes relaxation and tension release massage, followed by 30 minutes of Reiki energy rebalancing. This mind, body and soul session supports full relaxation, promotes self healing and brings your body energy back into balance. Go to my Reiki page for more details about Reiki. 

Headache & Sinus Massage
1 hour

Headache and sinus pressure can be all consuming and long lasting. This specialist bodywork session on your back, neck, jaw and head involves various tension release and soothing massage techniques, including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. Gentle sinus pressure release techniques can also be used. 

Click on my 'Information' page for home help suggests.  Always speak to your GP about any intense head pain or frequently occurring headaches. 

Rebalancing Bodywork
1 hour

The techniques used in this session are to reduce muscle tension. They are slow, firm and produce results, particularly over a number of regular sessions. I always work within your comfort zone, ending with some relaxation massage to end the session.  A session will include some swedish techniques to relax and warm the muscles, but will mainly include a combination of these techniques depending on your need: 

  • Myofascia release: the connective tissue that covers all over the body and contributes to tightness.
  • Trigger point release: A trigger point is a 'knot' of tightness in the muscle fibres that can cause transferred discomfort, tingling or numbness either in that immediate area or elsewhere. For example, tension headaches caused by tension in the neck or jaw. 
  • Muscle energy techniques: designed to work at the source of the muscle tension with warming, isolated, slow and deeper muscle release using hands, forearms and elbows. 
  • Stretches: to encourage muscles knots to lengthen and release. 

Please note, discounts do not apply to this massage. 

Lymphatic Detox Massage
1 hour

This is a gentle touch massage using slow rhythmic strokes all over the body to circulates the lymphatic fluid that is present all over your body. 

The Lymphatic system's job is to cleanse and filter out toxins from the body's circulatory system. It also plays a crucial role in the body`s ability to heal as it transports nutrients and disease fighting white blood cells. Lymph in latin means 'water' and is ONLY pumped efficiently around the body by active muscle movement or massage.  

This massage will not only detox your system, but also support the reduction of cellulite in the body and water retention... whilst leaving you cleansed, detoxed and relaxed. 

Not suitable for oedema or bad injury.

Head to Toe Special
1 hour

Enjoy a deeply relaxing Indian Head massage (head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands) and also a relaxing foot massage with work on reflexology acupressure points that link to the whole body and leaves you with a deep sense of inner calm.   

Relaxation and rebalancing 'Head to Toe'.