Head to Toe Harmony

Relax, Heal and Re-balance

I have now had two very relaxing massages and 2 Reiki sessions with Sanchia, both of which left me feeling totally refreshed. Sanchia has a very well equipped massage room, nicely done with calming music to set the tone. I would highly recommend Sanchia to my friends and will visit again soon.

Joanne, Watford

Had the most amazing massage by Sanchia not so long ago for my birthday. My word, after telling her I have tightness in the muscles around my jaw, she really focused on those and also the muscles in my shoulder and neck - it made me feel so much better! Couldn’t recommend anyone else!
Kellie, Watford

Take time to breathe deeply, connect with your soul and relax your body...

Pressure/Tension Massage
Optional: Ear Candle Therapy

1 hour

This is a relaxing and tension releasing bodywork massage that uses effect techniques around the upper body, neck, face and head. The aim is to not only to leave you relaxed,  but to reduce tension and pressure that can cause headaches, sinus or discomfort.  

You could add in ear candle therapy (no extra charge). Historically used by ancient Greeks and the Hopi tribe in Native America. I am fully qualified and it is a very safe, effective and calming therapy.

The candles are hollow tubes made using organic cotton, pure beeswax and traditional herbs (sage, St John's Wort and camomile) and provide a light suction creating a massaging effect in the inner ear that draws out impurities and loosens wax. Apart from feeling relaxed, the health benefits can include reduced ear wax, sinus pressure release, helps snoring, reduces tinnitus, helps pressure headaches. 

Sorry, but I cannot take bookings if you have an infectious illness (e.e. flu, bad cold etc). 

Massage & Reiki Fusion
1 hour

This a perfect well-being blend of a 30 minute full relaxation and tension release massage, followed by 30 minutes energy re-balancing.  This mind, body and soul session supports full relaxation, promotes self healing and brings your mind, body and soul back into balance. Crystals can also be used. 

Holistic Head, Face and Neck Massage 
1 hour

This session combines 4000 year old Indian head and neck massage techniques, with precise face massage techniques and face reflexology pressures points... you could combine it with energy rebalancing reiki.

This deeping relaxing session will leave you with a strong sense of inner calm, peace, rebalance, self healing and overall wellbeing.... Whilst also leaving your face skin boosted, detoxified and renewed. 

Note:  The traditional use of oil on the hair and scalp can also be requested.

Energy Balancing Reiki
30 mins or 1 hour

This is an ancient therapy that balances your energy, brings a sense of calm, encourages the body to self heal and calms your mind, body and soul. You lay flat during this session, remaining clothed, taking the time to switch off your mind and deeply relax. Crystals may be placed on chakras. 

The Scientific Bit:

Scientists agree that we are full of energy and surrounded by energy everywhere. Each of the 60 billion cells in the body have an organelle inside called a mitochondria that creates energy for every cell. So the body is full of energy. In schools they show children how to light a bulb using human energy only. I just intuitively work with that universal energy in a way that has been used for centuries all over the world - leaving you feeling rebalanced and reconnected in mind body and soul

Face Reflexology & Skin Refresh Face Massage
1 hour

The perfect combination of Facial Reflexology and also a Face Refresh Massage... leaving you deeply relaxed.

Facial reflexology is an ancient treatment  now still used to support your full wellbeing. It requires precise and gentle stimulation of acupressure reflex points on the face. 

The Facial skin rejuvenation massage uses precise movements and face massage techniques that tone and detoxify the skin. Fresh circulation is drawn to the skin which promotes skin cell renewal. It improves the tone and the texture of the skin and leaves you looking refreshed. 

Reiki can be included on request.

Crystal Reflexology
1 hour

Crystal reflexology is the same as regular reflexology... but with the added benefits of crystals. The feet are massages and acupressure points are gently worked on, whilst also using crystals to gently activating calm, self healing and to rebalance. They may also be put on or around your body or chakras. 

Why crystals? Its not just they are are shiney and beautiful...See the below you tube video on how they are used to power 'quartz' watches

I am fully qualified in Bodywork Massage techniques, including

  • Myofascia release: the connective tissue that covers all over the body and contributes to tightness.
  • Trigger point release: A trigger point is a 'knot' of tightness in the muscle fibres that can cause transferred discomfort, tingling or numbness either in that immediate area or elsewhere. For example, tension headaches caused by tension in the neck or jaw. 
  • Muscle energy techniques: designed to work at the source of the muscle tension with warming, isolated, slow and deeper muscle release using hands, forearms and elbows. 
  • Effective Stretches: to encourage muscles knots to lengthen and release. 
  • Lymphatic Massage:  This is a gentle touch massage uses slow rhythmic strokes all over the body to circulates the lymphatic fluid that is present all over your body.  The Lymphatic system's job is to cleanse and filter out toxins from the body's circulatory system and plays a crucial role in the body`s ability to heal as it transports nutrients and disease fighting white blood cells.

The Scientific Bit: How do Crystals work?

Firstly the earth's crust is 80% crystal and crystals are millions of years old. Crystals 'vibrate' and create energy. Sounds unbelievable?... In this video Top Gear's James May explains how crystals power a quartz watch. This is why they work so effectively when used or placed within our human magnetic energy field - and support rebalancing of energy in and around the body 

Reiki is totalle safe in pregnancy (recommended after 3 months), for children, ill and elderly. Cannot be used if you have a pacemaker. 

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