"Where do I start... Sanchia is always professional and so welcoming. Her treatments are fantastic and I always look forward to my next session with her. I always leave her feeling relaxed, calm and de-stressed. Perfect!"

Jane, Watford

Holistic Therapies

"I truly cannot recommend Sanchia highly enough as she always leaves me feeling a million times better than when I arrive! My advice to anyone is when you have an appointment with Sanchia, tell her what’s going on for you and she will tailor a treatment to suit."

Neena, Shenley

Ear Candle Therapy

Holistic Head Massage

Bodywork Massage

Gliding Cup Massage

Crystal Reflexology

Energy Re-balancing Reiki

Ear Candle Therapy

A deeply relaxing session that combines the benefits of ear candles with a face and head massage. Sinus release and headache techniques can also be used. It is very safe and I am fully qualified.


Ear candles were used by ancient Greeks and Native Americans. These hollow candles are made of organic cotton, natural wax and traditional herbs. Benefits can include reducing and softened ear wax, sinus pressure release, equalised ear pressure, reduced stress/anxiety, clearer thinking, improved smell, improved snoring, reducing tinnitus, decreasing pressure headaches. Leaving you deeply relaxed 


Do check with your GP if you are unsure about booking this therapy.

Holistic Head Massage (P)

This massage combines 4000-year-old Indian head massage techniques with modern holistic deep relaxation techniques on the head, face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It can be tailored to your preferences. 


This deeply relaxing session will leave you with a strong sense of inner calm, re-balance, self-healing and overall well-being. It will also leave your face skin boosted, detoxified and renewed.


It can be tailored to your needs and hair oil can be added on request. 

Bodywork Massage (P)

I am qualified in relaxing bodywork massage using firm techniques that are tailored to your needs. There is a minimum of 30 minutes  back and legs massage per booking. For a full 1 hour add another 30 minutes session e.g. face and head,  neck, shoulder and arm massage,  ear candles or taster reflexology? 


I am qualified in:

  • Gliding Cup Massage

  • Headache and sinus massage

  • Pregnancy Massage: From the 2nd trimester. 

  • Myofascia release.

  • Trigger Point Therapy massage: releasing muscle 'knots' that are causing transferred discomfort.

  • Muscle Energy Techniques (MET): Precise firm massage and stretching to lengthen muscles to reduce tension. 

  • Lymphatic Massage:  A surface level massage which helps body detoxing. This is not medical lymphatic drainage. 


Always check with your GP before booking, particularly if you have unusual symptoms, ongoing head pain or skeletal discomfort. 

Gliding Cup Massage

The art of gliding cup massage has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine and also by Egyptians and Greeks. It does not leave marks on your skin like some cupping techniques. 


The cups are continually moved around skin in the same way as a massage. Regular massage techniques are also used. The aim is to relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow to tight areas.  


Gliding Cupping help with:

  • Muscle tensions

  • Sciatica

  • Frozen shoulder

  • IT band tightness

  • Effective myofasica release

  • Circulates and detoxifies skin

  • Reduces lactic acid build up

Note: cannot be used over sore or broken skin, recent scars, if you take blood thinners, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, varicose veins, bulging discs, hernias, raised moles or rosacea. 

Crystal Reflexology (P)

This is a traditional Reflexology session which also uses some crystals within the session to help the flow of energy and inner balance.


Crystals, which are millions of years old, have been used as the only power supply for some quartz watches (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8YUM2Y2vvY)? They vibrate an energy that is recognised by science... and has energic vibrational benefits for us too. 

The result is a inner rebalancing  and deeply calming session. 

Energy Rebalancing Reiki (P)

This is an ancient therapy that balances your energy, brings a sense of deep inner calm and inner connection, whilst encouraging the body to self heal. During this session you remain clothed, taking time to switch off your mind, relax your body and connect to your soul for a deep relaxation and re-balancing of your energy centres (Chakras). 

The Scientific Bit: Scientists agree that we are full of and surrounded by energy. Every cell in the body has an organelle called a mitochondria and its job is to create energy for every cell. That is 60 billion cells creating energy for your body!


I work with your body's energy using intuition and experience. Crystals and sound vibration can be included on request.

What is Reiki?: www.headtotoeharmony.co.uk/post/what-is-reiki-energy-therapy

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