Safe Business Procedures and Covid Risk Assessment

Updated: Apr 7

Updated: 7th April 2021

Here is a link to the official ;Close Contact Services' Government guidelines website:

My business procedure has been compiled using these Government guidances, these are in line with the industry standards provided by the Association of Reflexologists, of which I am a member. I must meet all the requirements not only for your safety and my own, but also to ensure that my insurance is valid.

Booking Guidance

Medically Vulnerable

Currently I can now do safely considered therapies using strict hygiene procedures on those classed as medically vulnerable. I would consider pregnancy in the category. You would greatly benefit from holistic therapies, but your health is still the priority and so please ensure you make me aware of your condition changes and concerns when booking.


  • The online Covid form must be completed the day before your appointment. This can be found on my website. Your session cannot take place with it.

  • The questionnaire will need to be completed for every new booking as there may have been changes to your health.


You must cancel your appointment if you or someone you have been in contact feels ill , whether they are Covid specific symptoms or not. Please also cancel if you test positive for Covid, are Covid isolating or have been abroad in the last month.

Hands - Face - Space


  • As required by law you must wear a face covering for the duration of the session. Government guidelines say that masks can only be removed if the face is being touched, however I am not currently offer face therapies. If you do not have a sufficient face covering I am selling them for £2.

  • I will be meeting all the PPE guidelines. This will include wearing a face covering throughout the session and a visor when in closer contact.

  • Soft disposables will be used throughout the therapy room (i.e. in place of towels and face hole cover etc).


  • Everyone will be asked to wash their hands in the downstairs washroom on arrival.

  • Paper towels or tissue will be available to dry hands.

  • Hand sanitiser will also be available.


Entrances and exits

  • After washing your hands in the wash room, entrance to the therapy will be via the side date and around the building to the isolated office room.

  • The office links to the therapy room which is isolated from the rest of the property to allow full hygiene protection.


Occasion in warm weather outside garden sessions under a gazebo may be available. At other times there will be sufficient time between each session to allow for the therapy room to be ventilated. This is a government legal guidance.

Of course I will aim to keep the room as warm as possible (including a heated bed), but I suggest you bring your own clean large towel or blanket to assist with your comfort.


The 20-30 minute gap between bookings allows for a full thorough cleaning of all areas. This will also include small touchable areas like the doorbell and door handles.

During working hours the toilet/wash room is not used by anyone else and is thoroughly cleaned before and after every sessions.


  • Currently I will not be providing water and so please bring a bottle of drinking water with you.

  • I cannot use blankets or towels currently. If your experience would be improved by bringing a blanket or towel then you are welcome to do so, but it must be newly clean and be brought in a clean bag.

  • I will not be doing any therapies that involve touching the face or the hands.

Useful Links

World Health Organisation:

UK Government:


Government's guidelines for extremely vulnerable and less vulnerable:

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