Safe Business Procedures and Covid Risk Assessment

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Updated: 7th December 2020

This procedure has been compiled using guidance from the Government and also the Association of Reflexologists.

As of 2nd December 2020 I am able to work through all Tiers, even Tier 3, as the high level of sanitation and low risk of infection is now recognised by government experts. During this pandemic the government is constantly making changes to rules and legalities and so please refer to their website directly should you wish you double check the current restrictions.

Booking Contraindications

Extremely Vulnerable: This is always based on the most recent government guidelines. Currently I can now do safely considered therapies using strict hygiene procedures on those classed as extremely vulnerable. You would greatly benefit from holistic therapies, but your health is still the priority so please ensure you make me aware of your condition when booking.


  • The online Covid form must be completed the day before your appointment. This can be found on my website. Your session cannot take place with it.

  • The questionnaire will need to be completed for every new booking as there may have been changes to your health.

  • You must cancel your appointment if you or someone you have been in contact with has Covid symptoms, tested positive, been contacted by 'test and trace' or been abroad. You will need to isolate for the government recommended times.

Safe Signage

Signage reminding about social distancing and any other important information will be on display.


  • Everyone will be asked to wash their hands in the downstairs toilet on arrival and can also wash their hands at the end of the sessions.

  • I will be washing my hands frequently.

  • Hand sanitiser will also be available.

  • Paper towels or tissue will be available to dry hands.

Entrances and exits

  • Entrance will be down the side of the house and through the garden to the back door.

  • The office and therapy room will be isolated from the rest of the property to allow full hygiene protection.

Cleaning and ventilation

  • There will be at least 20 minutes between booking for cleaning and changing of protective items.

  • All soft surface furnishings (like cushions, towelling covers, stored towels etc) will be removed.

  • Thorough hygienic cleaning of all areas between each session, including doorbell and handles.

  • Rooms will be ventilated, as guided by the government. Warmer weather outdoor garden sessions are also available.

Personal Protection Equipment

  • My clothing will be protected for each new session, with all PPE being changed between sessions. I will be wearing a mask and during closer contact therapies I will also wear a visor.

  • As required by law you must wear masks for the duration of the session. Government guidelines say that masks can only be removed if the face is being touched, however I am not currently offer face therapies. If you do not have a mask I am selling them for £2.

  • The therapy bed will be covered with soft disposable covers. These will be replaced between each session.

  • To do Reflexology and bodywork massage feeling the skin is essential and therefore government guidance states wearing gloves are not mandated.

Toilet use

  • The downstairs toilet will be regularly thoroughly sanitised.

  • It will be exclusively available for client use only during working hours.

  • The toilet is by the front door and will be accessed via the front door only, not through the main property.

Other Considerations

  • Currently I will not be providing water and so please bring a bottle of drinking water with you.

  • I cannot use blankets currently. If your experience would be improved by bringing a blanket or towel then you are welcome to do so. Please can you ensure that blankets are newly clean and brought in a bag.

  • I will not be doing any therapies that involve touching the face or the hands.

Cancellation Policy

  • You must cancel your session immediately if you get suspected Covid symptoms, test positive, travel from government advice countries or are contacted by track and trace.

  • Late cancellations (after 48 hours before session) will result in a loss of earnings fee so please give as much notice as possible.

Useful Links

World Health Organisation:

UK Government:


Government's guidelines for extremely vulnerable and less vulnerable:

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