Fun ways to use Video Apps to Connect

Updated: 3 days ago

There are many video communication Apps available including Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, House Party. Google hangouts. Microsoft teams and Zoom. Some are great for business conferencing, but all are also used to connect people socially.

Here are some fun ways to use video communication To connect:


This traditional game is easy to play over video linking. But think about the films, books and songs before linking in. Is it a film, book or song? How many words? Now act it out and get them guessing.


There are hundreds of karaoke songs on YouTube. Or play songs from your normal playlist. Grab a Bluetooth mic or a hairbrush and let the battle commence.


If all teams have the board games Articulate or Taboo you can use the cards to get the other teams to guess the word you are trying to describe, avoiding key descriptive words.

Cook Club

Set up your device in the kitchen and chat while making the same dish. Use online recipes, cook books or pay to link into a local business cook.


Zoom apparently has a whiteboard sharing feature that is just perfect for playing Pictionary with your friends. Or you can just draw on paper with all watching.

Film or Book Club

Choose a book or film, all read/watch it and then discuss it over video link. A glass of wine is optional:).

Read My Lips

In this game, one person says a word but without any voice or muting the mic. While the other person/teams have to guess what is being said by reading their lips.

Online Exercise Class

A great way to stay active, link in with your friends and support a local business. Search online or ask Facebook communicates for class ideas. Could be yoga, Zumba or a dance class.

Pub Quiz

Quizmasters ready? Contestants ready? You can create your own quiz questions, do searches online for ready made questions or use your board game question cards. Quizzes can have themes like music, sports, film, general knowledge. Name that Tune

Each person/teams takes it in turns to play the beginning of a track and the other person/team has to guess the song and artist.


This traditional game is an easy online game to play. Just get each of your friends to print out bingo cards (make sure they aren't identical), and have one of you as a designated caller. One way to approach this is to write out the numbers on cards, shuffle them, and pull them one at a time.

Tik Tok Dance Off

Each video team is given a tik tok dance to be learnt before the video session. Each then performs the dance.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Yes, you can actually play Rock, Paper, Scissors over a video call and it is really fun playing for kids.

Word Links

In this game, you just need to pick a category like countries, animals, food etc and say a word related to it. The other person/teams have to say another word starting with the last letter of the word said. The repetition of words is not allowed and you only get 20 seconds or less to think of the word. The one who is out of words loses the game.

Pick One

All the participants have to take turns in giving a person two choices, and the person has to pick one from them. For example, you’d say Coffee or Tea, Boyfriend or Bestfriend, Summer or Winter and the other person has to pick their choice.

5 Names

One person or team has to say a category like Animal, Countries, Actors, Singer etc and the other team has to say 5 names or words related to that.

Dance Party

You could have a good old fashion dance party. Get your play lists and speakers ready and each person or team takes turns in playing a track or two.


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