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Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Inner Wellbeing Everyday

Updated: May 29, 2020

These suggestions will stimulate parasympathetic nervous system to reduce tension in the body, release relaxing hormones and improve health. Just try a few to see what works for you. Do at least one thing every day to keep stress levels down.

  1. Manage your time. You do not always have to be busy. You do not always need to be doing things for others. Release control. Things and people can wait. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

  2. Take time away from phones, tablets, PC’s and any other screens. Constant screen use releases the hormone Dopamine... the same hormone released for any addiction like drugs and gambling. It increases your anxiety and stress levels and stops you engaging with the real life and people around you. Regular breaks through the day have proven great stress reducers.

  3. Do a few minutes of deep breathing. It immediately tells the brain, via the parasympathetic nervous system’s vagus nerve, that you are relaxing.

  4. Laugh uncontrollably. Start by fake laughing if you must... your brain knows no difference. Or watch a funny film or recording of your favourite comedian. It releases a ‘happy’ hormone called endorphins.

  5. Do some intense activity for at least 10 minutes everyday to reduce stress in the body. A brisk walk, star jumps, dancing around to music, go for a bike ride, yoga sun salutations, run around the park with your dog, swimming, press ups... whatever takes a bit of physical effort.

  6. Scream or Sing full heartedly. This helps some people release tension and emotion. Into a pillow if you must.

  7. Reflexology. Works deeply with the parasympathetic nervous system to help get you back to a relaxed state, allowing the body to self heal.

  8. Cry. A short crying session can be a great emotional stress release. Watch a film or programme that gets you crying if it helps.

  9. Connect. Connect to people around you. Spend time with positive friends and family. Make new friends. Sign up to adult classes. Join a fitness class. Spend less time with demanding, negative, stressful or negative people.

  10. Try Mindfullness. It is as easy as taking deep breaths... and with your mind following the journey of the breath. Feel the sensation of the breath as it travels up your nose and into your lungs, then back out again. There are many good meditation apps and classes available.

  11. Limit your daily intake of the news. Try to check in on news once a day only and avoid access the news in the run up to bedtime when the negativity of the news may effect sleep. If you like to follow world news a great way to get an update on the news is to download a news app (BBC news app is good). It is a great way to healthily control how much of the news you read or watch.

  12. Share. If you have trusted and non- judgmental friends or family talking about how you feel helps inner release. Or else seek out a counsellor or psychotherapist to work through how you are feeling. Professional mind support is now as acceptable and seeing a doctor for health issues.

  13. Have a massage or myofascial release. It is thought that fascia, the cling film that covers our organs, tissue and muscles, stores stress. Massage helps to release the physical tension.

  14. Find what relaxes you. Reading, taking a bath, doing nothing, cooking, sleep in later, listening to music. Make a list of what relaxes you and do it regularly.

  15. Get out into nature. go to a park, woods, beach - wherever is near to you that ticks the box. Take in the fresh air. it feels so good to get out.

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