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What is Reflexology??

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

“Is it something to do with the feet?”...

I get asked that question a lot and I think Reflexology is a more powerful tool if applied via the feet, but if you have podophobia you will be pleased to know that facial reflexology is also available. Yes you do get a fantastic foot or face massage... but also gentle pressure is applied to specific points. Oh, and it does not tickle.

Reflexology case studies show there is an improvement in well-being and health. In fact BBC Breakfast doctor and popular podcaster Dr Rangan Chatterjee lists Reflexology as one of eight tools for releasing stress from the body in his book The Stress Solution.

But How does it Work?

There are two linked explanations:

  • Meridian lines are an ancient understanding of the nerve and energy flow through the body... the same understanding of the body that is used by acupuncturists. Meridian lines provide a Reflexology map of the body on the feet and face which is used to re-balance through the body and help your body self heal.

  • ​Did you know there are around 7000 nerve endings on the feet? If you have stubbed your toe you will know how quickly a signal is sent to your brain! There are also two major cranial nerves in the face. Your body will show physical symptoms (as listed below) if it is overwhelmed by stress hormones caused by a busy lifestyle, stress and anxiety. Reflexology soothes the parasympathetic nervous system, also know as the 'Rest and Digest' system in the medical world. It brings the body out of the 'Fight or Flight' stress response and gets the body to naturally re-boot, self healing and re-balance.

Here is a short list of symptoms that are improved by regular Reflexology:

  • Sleep

  • Stress, anxiety and tension

  • Fatigue and energy level

  • Focus and mental clarity

  • Digestion conditions

  • Respiratory system

  • Headaches

  • Immune system

  • Pain reduction

  • Hormonal balancing

  • Fertility

  • Pregnancy and labour

  • Post-Natal

  • Blood pressure

  • Gynaecological conditions

Why not book a taster 30 minute session, combine a taster session with another therapy or be bold and book a full 1 hour session?


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