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What is Reiki (Energy Therapy)?

I know that Energy Therapy can sound a little hippie chick... So I’ll start by explaining the biology of energy in the body for the logical minded readers.

The Biological Basics

In both 2006 and 2008 stressed-out lab rats received Reiki treatments and they all showed significantly reduced stress responses. “Sham” or bogus Reiki treatments were given to the placebo group and they showed no reduction in stress.

In physics, energy is the quantitive property that must be transferre to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. Scientists agree that we are full of energy. Every cell in the human body has an organelle called a mitochondria and its job is to create energy for every cell. That is 60 billion cells creating energy for your body! The room you are in, the town, the county, the earth and the whole universe are scientifically know to be full of energy.

How is it used in Energy Therapy?

Intuition or your gut feeling is something that most people tap into daily. When you meet someone new and your gut feeling tells you if you like them or not. When you feel a sense of danger. The overwhelming feeling of kindess. I don’t think science can yet explain that? Well it’s that same intuition that energy workers use for Reiki.

So What Happens?

I work with your body's energy using intuition and experience. During this session you remain clothed, taking time to switch off your mind, relax your body and connect to your soul for a deep relaxation and rebalancing of your energy centres (chakras). Balancing energy is an ancient therapy that brings a sense of deep inner calm and inner connection, whilst encouraging the body to self heal.

Energy Therapy is a safe and calming therapy that will be a bold new experience for you and will leave you deeply relaxed - mind, body and soul.

Bushey, Herts therapy room


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