Why is Workplace Well-being Important?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We all know how important well-being is in our personal lives... but does it really have any benefits in the workplace?

If you have ever worked with someone who has a high level of stress or is frequently absent then you will understand how infectious it is to the business culture.

A 2019 study by Virgin found that staff who participated in well-being activities were 49 per cent more productive and took 31 per cent fewer sick days. Google offices famously offer on-site therapists, yoga and massage as they understand the positive impact it has on staff and how it creates a happy, healthy and productive business culture.

For smaller businesses well-being sessions can still be as quick as a coffee break, hassle free and budget friendly if you use the right experienced provider.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)'s 2019 review on the impact of Well-being in the workplace showed that absence had dropped from 8 days to 5.6 days per employee per year in companies that had an effective well-being strategy. In 2018 the UK Health & Safety Executive reported that 57% of staff absence in 2018 was due to muscular skeletal problems and stress-related conditions.

Benefits of Well-being massage

  • Reduced physical repetition tension, headaches and mobility

  • Immediately reduced stress levels

  • Stretches and advice provide ongoing physical health maintenance

  • Reduces staff absence caused by muscular skeletal tension and stress

  • Reduces fatigue, thus boosting clarity and focus

  • Endorphins raised which in turn improves mental health

  • Reduced physical tension causes an improvement in posture

  • Improved staff morale and sense of appreciation


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