"I have recently been feeling very stressed.... and Sanchia did everything to make me feel relaxed and welcome. I had never had Reflexology before and she spent generous time with me beforehand to explain what to expect and how it works. I felt amazing afterwards. Cannot wait for my next treatment!"

Emily Bushey 


"I had to be induced at week 37, so I dropped in for a session with Sanchia on route to Watford hospital! The session really calmed me down. I had a natural birth and a nine minute labour even though I was induced! My previous two births were ten hours and nine hours. I put it down to the reflexology! Thank you Sanchia x"

Samia, Hemel Hempstead 

What is Reflexology? Click this link for more information: 
Ayurvedic Head Massage Therapy on facial

Facial Reflexology

This Facial Reflexology session provides all the benefits of reflexology to leave you feeling well balance and calm. This is done by gently working on reflexology pressure points on the face.


This session also combines facial skin refreshing and toning massage techniques, which encourage fresh circulation and detoxing of the skin to promote skin cell renewal. 


To end the session perfectly you can choose to receive a tailored neck, shoulder, or holistic head massage. Leaving you feeling deeply relaxed. 

 smiley faces on a pair of feet on all t

Reflexology for Well-being

Reflexology supports health, re-balances and improves your well-being. Case studies show it can help improve: 

  • Sleep

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Fertility

  • Fatigue and energy level

  • Focus and mental clarity

  • Digestion conditions

  • Respiratory system

  • Headaches and sinus 

  • Immune system

  • Pain reduction

  • Hormonal balancing

  • Fertility

  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal

  • Blood pressure

  • Gynaecological conditions

Masseur massages the pregnant woman's le

Pregnancy Reflexology

Have you also seen my Pregnancy Pamper Package on this website?

Reflexology is safe and relaxing - and you comfort is accommodated by using an elevated back rest and pillows where needed. Regular sessions from the second trimester onwards help pregnancy symptoms. Preparing your body for birth, whilst connecting you to your baby.

Trials have found that some women receiving regular treatments throughout pregnancy have experienced: 

  • Feeling calm and connected

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improved digestion

  • Shorter labours

  • Improved symptoms

  • Reduced medical intervention

  • Deliver closer to due date

Pregnancy massage is also available. Have you also seen my 90 minute Pregnancy Package?

It is not advised to have any form of massage or reflexology if you have pre-eclampsia, severe hypertension, placenta previa or deep vein thrombosis. Please refer to your GP if you have concerns around these issues. 

African American woman in a wheat field

Reflexology for Relaxation

The 'Fight and Flight' Systematic Nervous system response that causes stress and anxiety can leave you experiencing headaches, health issues, fatigue, auto immune conditions, disturbed sleep, digestion issues and hormonal moods etc. 


Reflexology works with the 'Rest and Digest' Parasympathetic Nervous System to calm your body and mind. Benefits:


  • Sense of inner calm

  • Increased sleep

  • Breath awareness

  • Increased energy and feeling refreshed

  • Can improve heart function and blood pressure

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Improved focus and mind clarity

  • Balancing of mood and hormones

  • Reduced tension headaches 

  • Helps nervous digestive conditions

  • Improved fertility 

cute newborn foot with family members, f

Reflexology for Family Health

Reflexology is an effective and safe health and well-being tool for the whole family.  


Our health and well-being needs change at every stage of life - from babies, teenagers, fertility, pregnancy, post natal, pre/post menopause and into the golden years. 

Reflexology has had success with supporting health, well-being, sleep, stress, anxiety and hormonal support for all... whilst also leaving you feeling grounded and deeply calm.

I have provided Reflexology sessions for all ages. A benefit for all. 

newborn baby in hospital after just bein

Anti-Natal Reflexology

'You can't pour from an empty cup'. You are committing all your time to your precious baby or babies and may even have older children to care for too... So you need to recharge your own energy and emotional supply. 


Having a baby is a loving gift and joy... and also a period of mental and physical adjustment. Reflexology can support your ante-natal journey by improving the quality of your sleep, reduced anxiety, allow the body to self heal and leave you with improved energy, feeling grounded, clearer minded and a deep inner calm. 


The best gift to yourself is one hour of baby free time... But if breastfeeding or limited childcare makes booking tricky you are welcome to being babies aged 0-3 months (older babies require more attention). Mobile to home sessions could also be arranged.

Please contact your GP if you have health issues are unsure about.