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Head to Toe Tailored Package

Can't decide what to book? Why not combined any of my therapies to create a tailored sessions. 


Did you know there are over 7000 nerves in the feet?

The good news is that Reflexology does not tickle. It is a deeply calming and wellbeing balancing therapy that combines foot massage, calming the parasympathetic nervous system and meridian line acupressure techniques. Creating a sense of calm through the body and improving your overall wellbeing.  Benefits: 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Boosts your wellbeing and health

  • Increases energy and focus

  • Supports hormonal and menopause symptoms 

  • Reduces tension 

  • Helps ease discomfort and pain, as the body relaxes

  • Safe during pregnancy and for ante-natal recovery

  • Soothing for cancer recovery and other not contagious illness. 

Crystal Reflexology is also available. 

Well Women Reflexology

I have a passion for woman's wellbeing, including fertility, pregnancy, post natal and hormone phases (Teens to Menopause). 


Reflexology gives your body the balance it needs to support you through your women's wellbeing journey. My own female health journey has spannedthrough teenage hormones to fertility challenges, childbirth and now menopause. 

These changes can effect your sleep, anxiety, mood, fatigue, and health. Stress and anxiety is biologically known to magnify hormonal and health symptoms.


Fertility Care Reflexology

The hormone Cortisol is derived from progesterone, which is the primary reproductive hormones of testosterone and oestrogen. Both these hormones are essential in a healthy fertility, but in modern busy and stress filled lives the ongoing release of cortisol affects this. 

Reflexology is no guarantee. But it will help lower stress cortisol levels, leaving you deeply relaxed. 

Pregnancy (from 2nd trimester) 

Case studies show that Reflexology can support you through your pregnancy by improving symptoms and preparing your body for labour with regular sessions. Trials show the benefits include a deep connection with baby, reduced stress/anxiety, improved symptoms, easier labours and delivered closer to due date. Balancing and deeply relaxing the body. 


It is not advised if you have pre-eclampsia, severe hypertension, placenta previa or deep vein thrombosis. Please refer to your GP with any concerns. 

Post-Natal Reflexology

At a time when you are giving so much, YOU time is essential.  Prioritising your physical and mental health allows you to give more to your family. The benefits include improved sleep (baby allowing), physical health and reduces stress/anxiety and more.  If easier for you, you are welcome to bring babies under 3 months of age. 

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