Head to Toe Harmony

Relax, Heal and Re-balance

I have recently been feeling very stressed.... and Sanchia did everything to make me feel relaxed and welcome. I had never had Reflexology before and she spent generous time with me beforehand to explain what to expect and how it works. I felt amazing afterwards. Cannot wait for my next treatment!

Emily, Bushey

"I had to be induced at week 37, so I dropped in for a session with Sanchia on route to Watford hospital! The session really calmed me down. I had a natural birth and a nine minute labour even though I was induced! My previous two births were ten hours and nine hours. I put it down to the reflexology! Thank you Sanchia x"

Samia, Hemel Hempstead

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is more than just a great foot massage and it doesn't tickle! You do get a foot massage... but the main focus is working with acupressure points on the feet. 

Look at this diagram of how the nervous system flows through the whole body. Your feet alone have 7000 nerves that link in with your parasympathetic nervous system.... that is the part of the nervous system that calms the whole body, and creates self-healing and wellbeing. Good hormones are released into the body and help reduce the effects of stress in the body and mind.  This is called the 'Relaxation Response'.

The Acupressure points in the feet are also connected to the flow of energy that runs through every part of the body via meridian lines. This is the same ancient meridian system used in acupuncture, so the feet really are a mirror image of the whole body. The result is a feeling of deep inner calm, an increase in self-healing, increased sleep, increased calm, and a boost in mental and physical wellness. 

Do watch this video to see how reflexology helped this woman with cancer. 

Reflexology for Wellbeing

By gently working precise acupressure points, reflexology supports health and wellbeing, leaving you feeling rebalanced. Case studies show it can help improve:

  • Sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fatigue and energy level
  • Focus and mental clarity
  • Digestion conditions
  • Respiratory system
  • Headaches and sinus 
  • Immune system
  • Pain reduction
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy and Post-Natal
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Blood pressure
  • Gynaecological conditions

Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology is a great way to have YOU time, and also lovingly connects you to your baby. As I've had three children, I understand the changes women's bodies go through in pregnancy. Pregnancy temporarily changes the physical, emotional and hormonal balance... all natural, expected and different for everyone.  

Reflexology is safe, calming and rebalancing. Regular sessions from the second trimester supports pregnancy symptoms, preparing you and your baby for birth.

In the third trimester, Reflexology can really help with sleep, inner calm and discomfort. 

Trials have found that women receiving regular treatments throughout pregnancy tend to have shorter labours, fewer symptoms, reduced medical intervention and delivery closer to due date. 

Reflexology for Stress

Reflexology has great results in supporting the symptoms of ongoing stress and anxiety.

When 'fight, flight and freeze' stress hormones flood the body's systems, it creates imbalanced of your health, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Reflexology calms you mentally and physically, resulting in:  

  • Sense of inner calm
  • Increased sleep
  • Breath awareness
  • Increased energy and feeling refreshed
  • Can improve heart function and blood pressure
  • Improved focus and mind clarity
  • Balancing of mood and hormones
  • Reduced tension headaches 
  • Helps nervous digestive conditions
  • Improved fertility
  • Can increase sex drive.  

Reflexology for Fertility

Reflexology helps prepare your body for conception. It is ideally something that would benefit both partners. Before I became a Reflexologist it took two years before I had a successful pregnancy. But everyone's journey can be different.

Research shows in some cases there can be a link between fertility and stress. When the body is in a stressed 'fight or flight' mode there are higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and the pituitary gland produces gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone which suppresses the production of follicle-stimulating hormones and luteinising hormone which all support ovulation levels.

Supporting IVF Treatment

Reflexology can take place before IVF begins. In the run-up to IVF, it is beneficial to prepare your body... then 36 hours before egg removal, and again in preparation for embryo transfer. 

Reflexology for Hormones

Reflexology supports hormone health in both women and men. From teens to post menopause, Reflexology is proven to support and improve hormonal imbalance. 

Unbalanced hormones can create a number of symptoms, from reduced sleep, mood swings, anxiety, stress, headaches, thyroid function, hot flushes, skin outbreaks, PMS, painful periods, digestive issues, back pain, weakened immune system, fertility problems, fatigue and more. In some cases the stress fight or flight hormones can create some of the other symptoms too. Reflexology is a great support. 

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is an ancient treatment  still used now to support full body wellbeing. This soothing session uses precise massage techniques, along with the gentle stimulation of acupressure reflex points on the face. This will leave you not only relaxed and rebalanced, but also with a sense of wellbeing and calm.

The added benefit of Facial Reflexology is that it also stimulates the skin on the face, boosting circulation and oxygen to the cells which renews and refreshes the skin and improves its tone. Neck and head can be included. 

Please note

Reflexology is complementary, not alternative to modern medicine. Imbalances in the body can be found using Reflexology and stimulating that reflex can support health and wellbeing. It can really help reduce symptoms, but it is not a diagnostic tool or a cure for major illness.  There are contraindication restrictions for treatment which can be found on my information page.