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Relaxation and Pilates Classes

Classes in Bushey and Oxhey/Watford:


Private and workplace group sessions can also be arranged.

Relaxation Class

These Relaxation Classes include meditation and sound to distract busy minds(called Soundbaths).  Sound has been used to benefit wellbeing for over 4000 years, across many countries and cultures. A powerful way to calm the mind, body and nervous system. Reconnecting and grounding to yourself.


Everyone is welcome. All you have to do is lay or sit. Just bring a mat (some available), two pillows/cushions and a blanket. Easy!


You are calmly talked through easy to follow meditation, breathing and body awareness. Soothing immersive sounds are then used to distract busy minds and create calm vibrations that the brain responds to. Instruments can include crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, vibrational drumming and more. The result is deep relaxation. 

The benefits of coming to an immersive meditation and sound bath class are:

  • Calms the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure and tension 

  • Calms busy minds

  • Release of relaxation and happy hormones

  • Reduced physical tension

  • Lower stress levels

  • Managed anxiety

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Deep feeling of wellbeing

  • Health and body pain may also be support through the lowering of stress levels. 

  • Raising your vibrational energy. 

Coming Soon: Pilates

Yoga Class

Available later 2024/2025


I am expanding my existing knowledge of stretch, posture, core and pelvic strength by further studying HFE's Mat Pilates along with YMCA examinations.


What is Mat Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that uses full body balance, precise strengthening and stetches.  The aim will be to improve your posture, core and pelvic floor strength, along with improving your flexibility.


You will work at your ability and progress at a level that is comfortable for you. It's suitable for people of most fitness abilities, ages, genders and exercises can be adapted. Please as always, do check with your GP first. 

Pilates for Posture and Core

These are key areas of the body that require focus for many people:

Core strength benefits:

  • Makes your tummy tighter

  • Strengthen and stabilise your back/spine

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscle

  • Supports your breathing/diaphragm

Posture strength benefits:

  • Appear slimmer

  • Increase back strength

  • Reduce neck and jaw ache

  • Reduce tension induced headaches and pain

  • Easier breathing space

  • Helps digestion

  • Reduce shoulder and back pain

  • Strengthen muscle & joint function

  • Feel more confident

Pelvic Floor strength benefits:

  • Improve sleep by reducing toilet wake ups.

  • Improve and reduce risk of bladder/bowel prolapsing. 

  • Helps improve bowel function

  • Improves relationship intimacy

  • Post natal strengthening

Flexibility benefits

  • Improves mobility

  • Reduces tension in the body

  • Reduces your risk of injuries

  • Helps your full range of joint mobility

  • Increases muscle and joint blood flow

  • Can reduce pain 


Fact...Did you know?

  • For both men and women, muscle strength declines by 10% every 10 years of your life after the age of 30.

  • Exercise improves sleep and increases your happy hormones. 

  • Do you wake up to have a wee? Remember, men get pelvic weakness too!

  • 40% of women aged 40/50 have signs of urine incontinence or prolapses

  • Pilates is not Yoga, even though they share some movements.


Frequently Asked Questions

What venues are these classes run at?

Currently the classes are held at Little Reddings School in Bushey, and Warren Dell School in Oxhey/Watford. 

Do I need to book?

Booking is essential due to class number restrictions, disclaimer signing, insurance cover and as Ill be paying for the venue. Booking is through the above link. Refunds or transfers are not available.


There is free parking at and nearby to all venues. Please be respectfully aware of local resident property access when parking.  

What should I bring?

  • A yoga mat or alternative (some are available)

  • One pillow for under your head.

  • Another pillow for under your knees. This helps lower back comfort when laying flat. 

  • A cosy blanket

  • Eye mask during bright evenings

Will it go against the values of your own religion?

My class is not linked to any religion and absolutely everyone is welcome.  Sound has been used by all cultures of the world as a meditation and relaxation tool for thousands of years.  If the venue is a church, I have hired the hall knowing the church is welcoming of everyone in their community. 

Physical Restrictions

Some seated tickets are available via the booking link. All venues are ground level, but may have a slight doorway lip or step to enter.

Health Awareness

If you have any health concerns (heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy etc) or are pregnant,  please make sure you make the session facilitator aware. If you have asthma or high allergy please bring your inhaler/EpiPen to the class. You must not attend if you have any contagious illness. 

Age Restriction

Relaxation is of benefit to everyone, but asking children to stay still for up to 1 hour is a big ask and so this class may not be suitable.


However you are welcome to book/pay for an older child or teen if they can focus quietly for the duration of the session - but a responsible adult must be present for all under 18's.

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