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Workplace Sessions & Local Retreats

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Workplace Wellbeing

10, 15 or 20 minutes staff massages or reflexology, and group sessions. 

Remedial Wellbeing Sessions

Each chair massage session is tailored to each member of staff. With a focus on preventing, reducing and managing tension in the body, head, arms and hands. Stretches and posture advice can be provided for each member of staff. ​

There are over 7000 nerves in the feet. Working with the parasympathetic nervous system, Reflexology (with foot massage) is proven to support lowering stress levels, help manage anxiety and improve general mental health. Taking staff out of fight and flight, leaving them more relaxed, focused and renewed. 

Group in Person or Online Wellbeing

I also have experience hosting staff relaxation meditation and also mindfulness awareness group sessions, both in person and online.  I can host group staff sessions, teaching meditation techniques for daily use, discuss stress reducing toolbox tips, provide a group sound/gong session, lymphatic movement or discuss mindful journaling and mapping. 


Workplace Wellbeing is proven to:

  • Lower stress and anxiety

  • Improved mental focus, increasing productivity

  • Improved attendance

  • Staff sense of value

  • Creates a culture of wellbeing

  • Reduce physical tension caused by repetition or bad posture

  • Advice and stretches on how to reduce physical tension and improving posture long term.

Local Retreats

Returning Summer 2024

'Retreat' means to withdraw, and these sessions are the perfect opportunity to rebalance and restore to calm the mind, body and soul. 


These sessions are for everyone of all adult ages and backgrounds. ​We run mini retreats in the local community, for businesses and also online. Each retreat is tailored to a specific theme, but could include some of the below content:


  • Meditation Sound Bath

  • Mindful journaling, mapping and art

  • Body awareness mindfulness

  • Breathwork

  • Mindful and Lymphatic movement

  • Intention setting and manifesting workshops

  • Moon cycle releasing and bringing in the new

  • Face and hand reflexology massage demonstrations

  • Relaxation and tension release body stretches

These retreat aim to give the attendees tools to calm the fight and flight response, improve focus, calm busy minds and reduce body tension. They are also very beneficial for anyone who experiences busy mind distraction caused by anxiety, stress or neurodiversity.  

Each group is guided through stress-reducing and easy to following mind, body and soul-calming techniques.

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