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Workplace Wellbeing, Events & Retreats

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Bringing wellbeing to your workplace, event or local area. 

Workplace Wellbeing

Remedial therapies or group sessions.

Did you know131 million working days in the UK are lost to sickness absence. Mainly from mental health, stress and physical health? So investing in staff wellbeing could increase your productivity. 

10, 15 or 20 mins Chair Massage

Portable remedial chair massage sessions, focusing is on preventing, reducing and managing tension in the body/muscles. The massage, along with stretches and posture advice, will be tailored for each member of staff. ​

15 or 20 min Reflexology (foot massage)

There are over 7000 nerves in the feet. Reflexology is an advanced firm foot massage, it is not ticklish, and is focused on calming the parasympathetic nervous system. This is proven to support lowering stress levels, manage anxiety and improve general health. Taking staff out of fight and flight, leaving them more focused and renewed. 


Group Sessions

30-45 minute group sessions for staff at your workplace:

  • Managing daily microdose stress 

  • Meditation for stress and anxiety

  • Soundbaths to calm busy minds

  • Posture advice and stretches for PC workers

  • Pilates (coming 2024/2025)

Online Sessions

Why not set up your remote workers with 30 minutes of:

  • Meditation for stress and anxiety

  • Managing daily microdose stress

  • Posture advice and stretches for PC workers

  • Pilates (from 2024/2025)

Did you know?

Herts Healthy Workplace, developed by Hertfordshire County Council, is a health and wellbeing certified guidance to support small and medium sized businesses from the private and voluntary sector? This freely provided support provides knowledge, resources, training and skillsets needed to create a wellbeing led culture.


Herts Healthy Workplace offers three certified levels. My sessions are recognised under their incentive as contributions towards your business gaining those certificates. Also makes great Linkedin social media coverage for your business! 

Register here:

Workplace & Local Events

I have experience running wellbeing local events/retreats, as well hosting group workplace sessions. 

Group sessions aim to give the attendees tools to manage their daily stress by calming the mind and body. Reducing their fight and flight response, improving focus, calming busy minds and reduce body tension.


Content varies and is tailored, but can include any of the below:


  • Meditation techniques

  • Breathing techniques

  • Body awareness to improve posture  

  • Stretches to improve flexibility and reduce tension

  • How to reduce daily microdose stress

  • Lymphatic movement to improve health

  • Pilates sessions (coming 2024/25): Stretch, core strength, posture improvement and pelvic floor strength. 

  • How to mindfully journal, with tips on mind mapping and using art

  • Setting intention/goals to refocus your energy on what you need. 

  • Face and hand reflexology massage demonstrations

These sessions can also be beneficial for anyone who experiences busy minds, anxiety and feeling overwhelming as a result of neurodiversity's like ADHD and ASD.  

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