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Holistic Therapies

  • Head to Toe Tailored Package

  • Holistic Firming Facials

  • Energy, Crystal & Sound Therapies
  • Scar Massage

'Head to Toe' Tailored Package 

Can't decide what to book? Why not combine any two therapies to create a tailored session, including Reflexology? 


  • Plump, Firm & Glow Facial

  • Holistic Relaxation Facial


Available as 30 or 60 minutes sessions. The focus is on making you deeply relaxed, whilst also leaving your skin refresh, rejuvenated and glowing. 

These Facials will improve the elasticity of your skin by stimulating collagen production naturally, encouraging cell renewal, detoxifying the skin lymphatics and toning the facial muscles: 

  • Skin type specific products, for dry/mature, combined/oily and sensitive. 

  • Firming, renewing and collagen producing deep face massage.

  • Lymphatic detoxing and water retention reducing techniques.

  • Double cleansing, exfoliating, toner, moisture and oil facial 

  • Face Mask (60 minutes only)

  • Face reflexology acupressure  for energy balancing.

  • Tailored combination of neck, jaw, head, arm and hand massage.

Additional options:

  • Gua Sha cell renewal.

  • Massage release for headaches, jaw/TMJ  or sinus pressure.

  • Scar fascia release massage.


Products details

These facial products are professionally sourced, are 100% vegan and include natural ingredients.


 All products are free from parabens, sulphates, propylene glycol and mineral oil.


Scar Massage

This 30 minute massage is a great way to improve the feeling and appearance of scars. Scars can include keloid, large or small operation incisions, injuries, self harm and burns.

This massage involves slow and gently massaging the scar tissue and surrounding myofascial. Scars are respectfully touched in a way you are comfortable with. 

Benefits of Scar Massage Therapy

  • Reduce tightness and increase elasticity

  • Soften and flatten risen scars and keloid scars

  • Improve your self esteem and self confidence

  • Improve blood or lymphatic circulation in the area

  • Reduce transferable restrictions caused by the area

  • Help with healing emotion trauma linked to the scar

  • Improved sensation 

Massage restrictions:

  • Always check with your medical professional. 

  • Scars must be over 8 weeks old

  • Cannot massage over unhealed or infected wounds. 

  • 2 weeks after a vaccination

  • Cannot massage directly over an active cancerous or tumour areas, or on people with active lymphoma cancer. 

  • Cannot massage directly over surgical mesh or implants

  • Caution when working on skin conditions, such as open eczema or psoriasis. 

  • Cannot massage directly over or near to pace makers. 


Energy Therapies

  • Energy Balancing (Reiki)

  • Sound Therapy

  • Crystal Therapy

  • Crystal Reflexology (video)

  • Crystal Facials 


These sessions create energy balancing and grounding, leaving you deeply relaxed, creating a parasympathetic self healing response in the body. The aim is to create wellbeing through the mind mind, body and soul.

You stay fully clothed, unless you have booked a combination session. Energy balance, crystals or sound to create balance throughout, leaving you deeply calm

Did you know?

"Everything in life is vibration"- Albert Einstein.  Research shows that using sound can benefit brain waves and put our bodies into a very relaxed dreamlike state. This activates the body's parasympathetic self-healing system. 

Every one of your body's 60 billion cells has an organelle called a mitochondria, which produces energy for every cell. So scientific proof you have energy throughout you. 


In the 1920's the use of energy to create balance in the body was 'named' Reiki. However, energy therapy is timeless and has been used for thousands of years across many countries and cultures.


Crystals are millions of years old. The famous  Quartz watch company, names their company after the crystal that used to power their watches. Quartz crystals have also been used in washing machines. Fiber optics are used to transit light and in telecommunication, but were originally based on the fibers of Selenite crystal.

Note: Cannot be done if you have a pace maker. I do not call my sessions 'healings'. It is about providing the body with the wellbeing it needs to self heal. 

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