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Holistic Therapies

  • Holistic Energy Therapy  30 mins £25

  • Crystal Reflexology £25 & £45

Reconnect with your inner self, rebalance, calm your busy mind and release tension with these 30 minute mind, body and soul sessions. I am qualified in guidance meditation and can also include these techniques on request. 

tibetan crystal singing bowl gong sound therapy drumming

Energy Therapy £25 & £45

This 30 to 60 minute session combines chakra energy, vibrational sound and crystals to create inner balance, a deep sense of wellbeing and help your mind, body and soul to self heal. 


Cannot be done if you have a pace maker.


This is a fully clothed session that uses energy, sound and crystals intuitively to create deep inner calming of your mind, body and soul. 

Energy therapy has been used for thousands of years across many countries and cultures. That is why I do not call it Reiki.  You will feel balanced, grounded and restored.  Your parasympathetic nervous system will be soothed, improving sleep, reducing stress levels and it encouraging self healing. 


If energy therapy sounds a little hippish or 'woo woo' then remember every one of your body's 60 billion cells has an organelle called a mitochondria which produces energy for every cell. Scientific proof you are full of universal energy.  

Sound vibration produced typically by Tibetan or crystal bowls, are deeply relaxing, calming a busy mind, removing tension from the body and creating a meditative feeling.  Moving you from 'flight and flight' and into 'rest and digest', a function of your calming parasympathetic nervous system.

Crystals may also in included in this session.

Maybe create a 60 minute session by adding another 30 minute therapy?

crystal reflexology.jpg

Crystal Reflexology £25 & £45

This is a 30 or 60 minute session. 


Crystal Reflexology combines the benefits of foot reflexology along with the energies of crystals. This results in a deeply relaxing and re-balancing on all levels... mind, body and soul. 

Normal foot massage and reflexology takes place, whilst also periodically using crystal to bring a completely different reflexology experience. Relieving tension, but creating a deep sense of inner calm. 

Crystals were created in the earth millions of years ago. They vibrate an energy that is recognised by science.  Crystals have energetic properties that have been used to power some quartz watches historically:


You can create a 60 minute session by adding another therapy such as


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