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Holistic Massage

For female and their families only.    I also no longer offer a full body massage. 

  • Holistic Massage 30 minutes

  • Scar Massage 30 minutes

    £25 for 30 minutes. Add another 30 minutes therapy to create a 1 hour session for £45-50

Black woman, relax massage and facial spa treatment of a young female face with serum. Ski

Holistic Massage 

This 30 minute holistic massage focuses on the head, face, neck and shoulders using massage, acupressure and indian head techniques. 

The massage is deeply calming, releases tension and stimulates lymphatic release. The face massage focusing on increasing circulation, ensuring your skin is left refreshed.  

It is understood that holistic massage can not only reduce tension, but improve mental and emotional wellbeing and balance too. But what is guaranteed is that you will be tension free and deeply relaxed. 

On request a tailored focus on releasing tension from your headaches, TMJ, jaw and neck can be included. 

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Scar Massage

Scar Massage Therapy is a great way to improve the feeling and appearance of scars. Scars can include keloid, large or small operation incisions, injuries, self harm and burns.

Scar Massage Therapy involves massaging the scar tissue and surrounding myofascial. Scars are gently and respectfully touched. 


Usually a course of treatment lasting several sessions will be recommended, but many people feel an improvement after just one session.

Benefits of Scar Massage Therapy

  • Reduce tightness and increase elasticity

  • Soften and flatten risen scars and keloid scars

  • Improve your self esteem and self confidence

  • Improve blood or lymphatic circulation in the area

  • Reduce transferable restrictions caused by the area

  • Help with healing emotion trauma linked to the scar

  • Improved sensation 

Massage restrictions:

  • Always check with your medical professional. 

  • Scars must be over 8 weeks old

  • Cannot massage over unhealed or infected wounds. 

  • 2 weeks after a vaccination

  • Cannot massage directly over an active cancerous or tumour areas, or on people with active lymphoma cancer. 

  • Cannot massage directly over surgical mesh or implants

  • Caution when working on skin conditions, such as open eczema or psoriasis. 

  • Cannot massage directly over or near to pace makers. 

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