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Men's Wellbeing Herts: Coming Winter 2023

Venue and dates are currently being researced. The launch will be on my social media platforms and here. Eventbright tickets links will also be available. 

Follow these dedicated Men's Wellbeing Herts social media pages: 

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Group relaxation sessions exclusively tailored for all men, of all ages and backgrounds, to invest in building a wellbeing toolbox of relaxation, stress release, calming busy minds and daily mindful techniques for inner resilience.


These sessions will reduce stress and create a wellbeing toolbox for your daily lives. 

What is the goal of these sessions?

To build a wellbeing toolbox.  In these male spaces, along with other like minded men, you will build up your knowledge of wellbeing tools to reduce daily stress build up. Filling your own cup of inner resilience and reducing the fight and flight stress response means you can be the best version of you. Calmer and more relaxed. 


Why just men?

Whether it's the cost of living, work deadlines, raising a family or other life pressures... statistics show that men are as stressed as women. Yet wellbeing events have a lower male take up. Although learning more about relaxation solutions, reducing stress levels, improving sleep and strengthening resilience is important for everyone.    


What do these sessions NOT include?

No personal or emotional sharing is asked for or expected.  Deep therapy work is not the purpose of these sessions. 

Who is running these sessions

I will be hosting parts of the sessions focused on relaxation, resilience and tools; using experienced gained over the years of running mixed genre sessions and also workplace mindful workshops. I will also invite an expert from the men's wellbeing industry to introduce specific aspects of wellbeing. 


 What may be included in the session?

  • Easy introduction to deep relaxation techniques

  • Tips on how to calm a busy mind

  • Understanding how stress builds up

  • Recognising the physical fight and flight response

  • Ways to mindfully reduce stress, tension, anxiety, frustration and building pressure. 

You will leave these session feeling stronger, relaxed, recharged and renewed. 

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