Pamper Packages

£65 for 90 minutes

Discounts and Offers do not apply to packages. 

Holistic Harmony Package

90 minutes to focus on deeply relaxing reflexology, combined with another treatment of your choice from my menu.

  • 60 minutes Reflexology (Feet)

  • 30 minutes of any other treatment

This deeply calming session will leave your health and well-being re-balanced and ensure you are stress free. 

Relax and Refresh Package

90 minutes of tailored YOU time. 

Face or Feet Reflexology.

30 minutes of deeply calmly face massage on whole face and calming pressured points. combined with techniques for help skin cell renewal to refresh the skin. 

Add any two of these 30 minutes of these these treatments:

  • Gliding Cup Massage

  • Neck and Head Massage

  • L ymphatic Massage

  • Feet Reflexology taster

  • Ear Candle Therapy

  • Energy Re-balancing  Reiki

  • Bodywork massage

Leaving you deeply relax and balanced. 

Pregnancy Package

90 minutes of calming and re-balance treatments from the second trimester.  At a time when you are experiencing hormonal and physical changes, taking time out for yourself will leave you feeling renewed and calm. 

Trials have found that some women receiving regular Reflexology treatments throughout pregnancy have experienced: 

  • Feeling calm and connected

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improved digestion

  • Shorter labours

  • Improved symptoms

  • Reduced medical intervention

  • Deliver closer to due date

This 90 minute session includes: 

30 minutes Pregnancy Massage

Ensuring you are in a comfortable position, using pillows where required. Relaxing and tension releasing qualified massage. I can also do some lymphatic massage on puffy ankles or hands. 

60 minutes Feet Reflexology

Providing a lovely foot massage, along with working on specific points on the feet to promote calm and balance through the body. 

It is not advised to have any form of massage or reflexology if you have pre-eclampsia, severe hypertension, placenta previa or deep vein thrombosis. Please refer to your GP if you have concerns around these issues. 

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